A Gareth Southgate ice sculpture falls over and smashes, live on Sky Sports News
(Image: Twitter/BBPAC)

VIDEO: Gareth Southgate ice sculpture falls over as it’s unveiled on Sky Sports News

Likeness smashes to pieces.


@RACHEL_WYSE Ice-Breaking News on SSN … great coverage of this chilly story Rachel!😂👏🏼💯 pic.twitter.com/GuL7k5jZpp

— BB (@BBPAC) December 21, 2018

A Gareth Southgate ice sculpture fell over and smashed to pieces as it was being unveiled on Sky Sports News.

The likeness of the England manager was crafted by John Bolton’s Ice Agency for the Sky Sports Christmas party earlier this week.

It was carved in Manor Royal, Crawley, near Gatwick airport – and unfortunately that’s also where it met its end.

SSN presenter Rachel Wyse said:

Today we unveiled an ice sculpture of Gareth Southgate….didn’t quite go to plan though

Wyse’s hair can be seen blowing in the clip, so it looks like a gust of wind did for the Southgate ice sculpture.

As these ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures show, it’s probably beyond mending.

The @SkySportsNews Christmas Party on-air with @RACHEL_WYSE was a SMASHING affair. Before and after shots of our Gareth Southgate ice sculpture here… 😬🥶#SSN pic.twitter.com/PnDszT7pyM

— David Garrido (@SkySportsDavid) December 21, 2018