Ambulance driver goes missing as a player is injured during Concordia vs Farul in Romanian Liga II
(Image: Twitter/Emanuel Roşu)

VIDEO: Game held up as ambulance driver goes missing during Romanian Liga II match

Match stopped for over ten minutes.

Surreal, absolutely surreal. 2019. This is actually happening in Romania. A player broke his clavicle and needed immediate attention from the medical staff on the ambulance. First, they forgot to close the door. Then, the driver went missing!!! WENT MISSING! 1/2 pic.twitter.com/VNuGmsSm6V

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) August 18, 2019

A Romanian Liga II match between Concordia and Farul was held up for more than ten minutes when an ambulance driver went missing after parking his vehicle on the pitch.

Sunday’s fixture at the Stadionul Concordia descended into farce when the home side’s Ionuț Păun broke his collarbone and medical staff arrived on the scene.

When he finally came, he starter filling in some papers. Absolutely incredible… Game stopped for more than 10 minutes in Chiajna, where Concordia beat Farul 2-1. Injured player will go into surgery tonight, 4 months out. 2/2

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) August 18, 2019

Bizarrely, the driver then went missing, causing an extended break in play while everyone wondered where on earth he had gotten to.

He finally returned, only to waste yet further game time filling in forms while sitting at the wheel.

This is his injury. pic.twitter.com/mYDOGkQRH2

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) August 18, 2019

Păun, who has been ruled out for four months, had earlier opened the scoring in a 2-1 win for Concordia.

Previously, he had scored this beautiful goal. Video via Digisport pic.twitter.com/d6jlbGNtTj

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) August 18, 2019