A French fan mistimes his hand clap during the celebrations following their Euro 2016 semi-final win against Germany
(Image: Twitter/BEN PHILLIPS)

VIDEO: French fan struggles with celebratory hand clap after Euro 2016 semi-final win

Over-enthusiastic supporter gets timing wrong at crucial moment.

When you step out of your comfort zone, and you're immediately out of your depth #GERFRA #IcelandClap pic.twitter.com/XBXVijOZrf

— BEN PHILLIPS (@mochachocaweewa) 7 July 2016

Watch an over-enthusiastic French fan mistime his hand clap as the camera passes over him during the celebrations following France’s Euro 2016 semi-final win against Germany last night.

As the hosts progressed to the final, Iceland’s chant, that has made such an impression on the tournament, was adopted as the team celebrated with their supporters following the final whistle.

Despite looking markedly more focused than many of his fellow fans in the surrounding seats, staring into the camera, the man gets it wrong at the crucial moment and will now always have this recording to remember it by.

Watch the French fan’s hand clap struggle in full in the clip above.

One user said what we were all thinking:

@mochachocaweewa hope you pressed a button on your remote in time mate

— SmellYerMaw (@shaunal21499132) 7 July 2016

… and this guy:

French crowd is doing Iceland's chant. Still, not the first time the French crushed a small nation and robbed their culture. #GERFRA

— Oliver Callan (@olivercallan) 7 July 2016