Former Bury director Joy Hart handcuffs herself to a stand at Gigg Lane
(Image: YouTube/Daily Mail)

VIDEO: Former Bury director chains herself to stadium in protest at the club’s upcoming expulsion from the league

Handcuffed to drainpipe at Gigg Lane.

''Sell the club!'' Former Bury FC director Joy Hart makes a plea to the club's owner, Steve Dale, as she chains herself to Gigg Lane in protest. #BuryFC pic.twitter.com/Xnx6e3f1f1

— Chris Hall (@chrishallitv) August 21, 2019

In a campaign against Bury’s expulsion from the league due to insolvency, former director Joy Hart handcuffed herself to a drainpipe attached to the Main Stand at Gigg Lane.

The EFL is due to hand down the sanction on Friday unless proof is provided that debts can be paid and the club can be run as an ongoing concern.

A few fans have joined Joy Hart at Gigg Lane now “I am 100% behind this lady” #BuryFC pic.twitter.com/GPxBIqe9zW

— Katie Gornall (@KatiegBBC) August 21, 2019

Latest developments at #buryfc as fans deliver a symbolic coffin and a former director Joy Hart chains herself to the main stand. pic.twitter.com/quXyUeDDaz

— Patrick Hurst (@paddyhurst) August 21, 2019

Current owner Steve Dale has reportedly refused to sell the club to various potential buyers and Hart accused him and the previous chairman of “killing the club financially”.

She wants an extension to the deadline set for the end of this week:

Please give us longer time for someone or some persons or some clubs to put some money into us and save this 135-year football league club.

We matter just as much as the clubs that are in the Premiership.

"Please, please, please help us – we need you"

An emotional plea from former #BuryFC director Joy Hart to the North West football community 😢

She's handcuffed herself to the stand named after her father in protest. pic.twitter.com/eTveJqONI3

— BBC Sport Manchester (@BBCRMsport) August 21, 2019

"We need everybody's help"

Joy Hart, former #BuryFC director, fears for the worst on Friday.

She's chained herself to the stand named after her father, to raise awareness of the crisis at the club. pic.twitter.com/kpJYLv4s6T

— BBC RM Sport (@BBCRMsport) August 21, 2019

Bury have not played a league or cup game all season and the postponements continue amid speculation of unpaid wages among staff.

Lead protestor Joy was a club director during the 2014-15 season and is the daughter of club legend Les Hart, who spent 44 years with the side in a variety of roles.

Former Bury FC chair Joy Hart has chained herself to the front of the stadium in protest of the club's potential expulsion from the EFL.

She explains why she is doing this.

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— SkyNews (@SkyNews) August 21, 2019

"If our present chairman does not sell to a buyer, we will be out of the Football League forever."

Former Bury director Joy Hart has chained herself to the club's stadium in protest to the current owner to save the club. pic.twitter.com/pmjpe4iU46

— Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNews) August 21, 2019

Former #BuryFC director Joy Hart has chained herself to the front of Gigg Lane in protest against the ongoing situation at the crisis-hit club.

Joy is calling on Steve Dale to sell the club and for nearby Premier League teams to step in and help save the Shakers. pic.twitter.com/a5QzLfDjZe

— Hits Manchester News (@hitsmcrnews) August 21, 2019

Chained to the wall near the entrance to the ground, a series of high-profile media interviews were conducted with broadcasters such as Sky News.

Apparently the original plan was to lock herself onto the Les Hart Stand but:

I’m afraid someone at the club has locked the gates, so that’s kiboshed that.

I’m really on display to anyone who is passing.

It’s come to this. Ex #Buryfc director Joy Hart has locked herself to the front of the stadium in protest at the club’s plight. Her father Les Hart is a Bury legend and has a stand named after him pic.twitter.com/QzMt2fm6AO

— Katie Gornall (@KatiegBBC) August 21, 2019

Well played @frankienbennys Bury for sending pizzas, chips, onion rings and drinks to Joy Hart and the #BuryFC fans who are standing and supporting Joys protest. 👏🏻👏🏻 pic.twitter.com/BV51cNLWNN

— Jon Wiggans (@Wiggy84) August 21, 2019