VIDEO: Football-based break-up letter in TyC Sports advert

A passionate and moving TyC Sports advert that features a football-based break-up letter.

Our hero streaks during the football-based break-up letter in a TyC Sports advert
Streaker… Back on the market (Image: YouTube/Ильмира Абдуллина)

Watch this deeply moving TyC Sports advert that features a football-based break-up letter and will delight you with its wonderfully passionate moments.

The commercial for the “Argentine sports communications firm” develops a scenario that might be familiar to many male football fans around the world.

A pretty girl can be seen sitting on a rug in what appears to be some sort of park as she scribbles a break-up letter in her notebook.

As the newly single young lady progresses through the letter, all of her complaints about the former boyfriend are matched with clips of him disproving her opinions of his personality.

Don’t miss the football-based break-up letter in the TyC Sports advert:

A full transcript of the note to “Fede” is included below:

Fede, I know it’s bad to say this in a letter…

…but we are through.

I can’t and I won’t be with someone who is incapable of expressing his feelings.

I’ve had enough of your coldness,

your apathy…

…your lack of enthusiasm.

I need something different.

Someone who will take risks for what he feels.

Someone who is with me

through good times and bad times…

Someone who can surprise me.

See, I can’t stand the zero commitment.

I can’t stand the lack of passion.

Going over things in my head,

I realized you never kept any of your promises.

I want to be with someone who wants to have fun,

who wants to have a good time, get it?

I’d like things to be different.

But it’s what you are.

It’s what you are.


Video spotted on 101GG