A player laughs at a hired streaker interrupting Rijnsburgse Boys vs Amsterdamsche
(Image: Twitter/CANCHA)

VIDEO: Fans of semi-pro Dutch team hire streaker to interrupt match against league leaders

Rijnsburgse Boys supporters group reportedly organised 'Foxy' to run onto the pitch.



Rijnsburgse Boys fans reportedly hired a stripper to streak during a clash with rivals Amsterdamsche in Rijnsburg, South Holland.

‘Foxy’ is said to have been paid by the club’s HKR (Hardcore Rijnsburg) supporters group to run onto the pitch during the Tweede Divisie clash in the hope it might somehow distract the visitors.


Midway through game, the adult entertainer managed to get on pitch at Middelmors covered by nothing except body paint, tattoos and an HKR flag supplied by the organisers of the stunt.

The match had to be paused for several minutes while she interacted with some of the players before being allowed to escape through the railings.

Unfortunately for the home side, the ploy didn’t work and they lost 2-6.