Bolton fans cheer as an 'Anderson Out' protest banner is thrown up to the upper tier of the stand
(Image: The Away Fans Videos)

VIDEO: Fans cheer as protest banner thrown to upper tier of stand at Bolton

Logistical difficulties overcome at the Macron ahead of kick-off against WBA.

Bolton fans throwing an “Anderson Out” banner into the top tier tonight 😂👏 #BWFC pic.twitter.com/diTfZmR4tW

— The Away Fans Videos (@TheAwayFansVids) January 21, 2019

Bolton fans in the stands for a game against West Brom at the Macron on Monday night were cheering as an ‘Anderson Out’ protest banner was thrown up to the upper tier from supporters below.

The home fans made their voices heard before, after and during the game in a protest organised against the current club ownership.

Bolton fans trying to get their banner to the upper tier at the West Brom game😂

Great catch from the lad above 👏 @kianb_ 🎥 #BWFC pic.twitter.com/vFSkiuZHTd

— Footy Fans (@ukBettingNews) January 22, 2019

Kick-off in the televised match on Sky Sports had to be delayed when a considerable amount of tennis balls were thrown onto the pitch.

The crowd watched the homemade banner, that looked like it was made out of a cotton sheet, being prepared for the throw and were delighted when it reached its intended target.

Tennis balls thrown onto the pitch as #Bolton fan protests continue ahead of kick off. @talkSPORTKO pic.twitter.com/6Z17xbAj9l

— Dominic McGuinness (@DomMcGuinness1) January 21, 2019