Birmingham City goalkeeper Lee Camp asked to take photo of fans
(Image: Twitter/Sean)

VIDEO: Fans ask Birmingham City goalkeeper Lee Camp to take a picture of them

Handed camera phone in car park.



A pair of Birmingham fans had goalkeeper Lee Camp take their picture outside St Andrew’s on Saturday.

Camp was between the sticks for the home side as they faced Wigan in a Championship game this weekend.


— Debbie Cummins (@DebbieCummins16) April 28, 2019

But he was looking fresh when the duo approached him for a photograph in the car park.

The goalie prepared himself, thinking he would be included in the shot, only to be handed the camera phone as the supporters embraced each other.

Opinions from fellow fans have been mixed.

Please feel free to forward my comments on. I'm just stating it's awks from my point of view.

If they had another pic with him separately then fair enough but this bloke has had pelters all season and it just looked like another excuse to ridicule him. Again, my opinion only.

— V (@Veno1983) April 28, 2019