Daniel Sturridge coming out of the tunnel at Brighton before he refused to high-five some Liverpool fans and being told "we pay your wages"
(Image: Twitter/@AwayDayBible)

VIDEO: Fan tells Daniel Sturridge “we pay your wages” after player refuses hand at Brighton

Got a dirty look from the unused substitute.

Liverpool fan telling Daniel Sturridge that he pays his wages.#LFC pic.twitter.com/LZuZuMkXsd

— FC90 (@FanCulture90) December 2, 2017

Coming out of the tunnel at Brighton on Saturday, Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge was greeted by fans with out-outstretched hands calling his name.

Seemingly deep in conversation with a coach walking alongside him, the player appears to greet the fans but keeps his hands firmly down by his sides – an indication there would be no high-fives today.

As the 28-year-old, who turned out to be an unused substitute on the day, walks past them and onto the pitch, one of the supporters calls out:

C’mon… we pay your wages!

He turns back and gives them a look as the fans laugh.

Liverpool won 1-5 at the Amex.