A fan is tackled by a Lionel Messi security guard after jumping down from the stands in Dublin at a Barcelona vs Celtic friendly
(Image: Twitter/Matt Holt Tips)

VIDEO: Fan tackled by Lionel Messi security guard after jumping from the stands in Dublin

Quickly and effectively prevented from laying a hand on his idol after audacious leap.

People go to crazy lengths to meet their idols 😳 pic.twitter.com/jwKaMRtB1V

— Matt Holt Tips (@MattHoltTips) August 3, 2016

A desperate fan who jumped down from the stands above the tunnel entrance in an effort to meet his idol was royally taken out by some kind of plain-clothed Lionel Messi security guard.

Barcelona faced Celtic for a pre-season friendly as part of the continuing International Champions Cup at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Saturday.

While most settled for asking for autographs, in the short clip one overly keen supporter can be seen making an audacious leap from a reasonable height and landing directly in front of the player.

However, having successfully completed this part of the plan, the crazed fan is grabbed with quite some gusto before he has a chance to lay a hand on the star man.

See the Messi security guard grab the fan who leapt down from the stands in front of him in Dublin in the full video above.

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