Andrii Bey asks fans for his shirt back during Karpaty Halych 1-0 Epitsentr
(Image: YouTube/ UA-FOOTBALL)

VIDEO: Player’s shirt stolen while he celebrates goal in Ukrainian Second League match

Taken by owner of rival team who weren't even playing.

A man stole goal-scorer Andrii Bey’s shirt while he celebrated his winner for Karpaty Halych against Epitsentr on Friday.

The number 9 scored a thumping header from a corner in the 63rd minute of the Ukrainian Second League match to secure a 1-0 win at the Stadion Sokil.


He then whipped off his jersey and threw it in the air, an action for which he received a yellow card – but he could not then find the item of clothing.

Confronting a group of laughing spectators behind the goal, he eventually got it back from someone who is apparently the owner of rival club FC Lviv.