Andrii Bey asks fans for his shirt back during Karpaty Halych 1-0 Epitsentr
(Image: YouTube/ UA-FOOTBALL)

VIDEO: Player’s shirt stolen while he celebrates goal in Ukrainian Second League match

Taken by owner of rival team who weren't even playing.

A man stole goal-scorer Andrii Bey’s shirt while he celebrated his winner for Karpaty Halych against Epitsentr on Friday.

The number 9 scored a thumping header from a corner in the 63rd minute of the Ukrainian Second League match to secure a 1-0 win at the Stadion Sokil.


Karpaty Halych score a goal v Dunaivtsi, scorer whips his shirt off & gets carried away celebrating

Gets booked but then suddenly can’t seem to find his shirt 😅

Turns out a fan on the sidelines had stolen it but did return it 😂pic.twitter.com/xMbhPIRqnB

— Zorya Londonsk (@ZoryaLondonsk) April 9, 2021

He then whipped off his jersey and threw it in the air, an action for which he received a yellow card – but he could not then find the item of clothing.

Confronting a group of laughing spectators behind the goal, he eventually got it back from someone who is apparently the owner of rival club FC Lviv.

Funnier still, the ‘fan’ in question was actually onlooking FC Lviv owner Mykhayliv who was watching from the sidelines

Some jokes exchanged before he gave the shirt back to the goalscorer of his ‘rival’ club 😂

May the Ukrainian Third tier never change!

— Zorya Londonsk (@ZoryaLondonsk) April 9, 2021