Edin Gecko, star striker for Wild Fangs's isolation XI
(Image: Twitter/Wild Fangs)

VIDEO: Exotic animals group make ‘Isolation XI’ of insects and reptiles

Team includes Edin Gecko and Mo Salah-mander.


Exotic animals group Wild Fangs put together an ‘Isolation XI’ of insects and reptiles including Edin Gecko, Mo Salah-mander and Arda Turan-tula.

The organisation specialises in supplying the creatures for educational encounters at schools, as well as for care home visits and parties.

Early Years had a visit from @wildfangsUK today. We met Santi the chinchilla, Lucky the leopard gecko, Fluffy Rosie the tarantula and Zebedee the boa constrictor. Children from TWOs, Nursery and Reception had a fantastic time and learned lots! pic.twitter.com/7SxqJ75zOa

— Wilbury Primary (@WilburyPrimary) November 27, 2019

With football on hold amid the global coronavirus pandemic, they decided to create a team out of puns based on the names of famous players.

Others to make the cut include Jonjo Shell-vey, Hiss-tian Eriksen, James Milner-pede, Andrés Insect-iesta, Jérôme Boa-teng and Faryd Mon-dragon.