Easter egg battle replaces traditional coin toss for Botev Plovdiv vs CSKA Sofia in Bulgarian top flight
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VIDEO: Easter egg ‘battle’ replaces coin toss in Bulgarian top-flight match

Works in a similar way to conkers.


In this clip, we see an Easter egg ‘battle’ in place of the traditional coin toss before Botev Plovdiv vs CSKA Sofia in the Bulgarian top flight.

The practice, which is known as egg tapping and works in a similar way to conkers, is used in Bulgaria for fixtures taking place over the Easter weekend.

Botev Plovdiv 2:0 CSKA Sofia FC
Traditional draw – using Easter eggs pic.twitter.com/YUTkcE3o2M

— Irakli Khvedeliani (@Khvedeliani90) April 30, 2019

To decide which team attacked which goal in the first half of Monday’s match, the respective team captains squared up each armed with a foil-wrapped chocolate treat.

CSKA Sofia skipper Nikolay Bodurov goes first, tapping his egg on the tip of his counterpart’s – but he fails to make a dent.


His Botev Plovdiv counterpart Lachezar Baltanov is more successful, smashing the top of Bodurov’s egg with his own.

It proved to be an omen for the game itself, which saw Botev Plovdiv run out 2-0 winners thanks to two late goals.