VIDEO: Dutch FA makes video of a player wearing a closet, promotes acceptance of gay footballers

A player wearing a closet scores a goal in a video made by the Dutch FA to promote acceptance of gay footballers
Wardrobe United (Image: YouTube/M Porque Yolodigo)

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) have launched a campaign to promote acceptance of gay footballers and so created a this marvellous video of a match in which one of the players runs around while “wearing” a bottomless wooden closet.

The closet wearer manages to score a goal and we also see him warming up with the rest of the team, in the showers and bringing in the beers.

The footage ends with the message:

Why not step out of the closet?

Your team is on your side.

Gay? There’s nothing queer about it.

Find out more about the Action Plan on the KNVB website.

SOURCE: Dirty Tackle