Duck on pitch during Bulgarian clash between Ludogorets and Lokomotiv GO
(Image: Twitter/Non Sense Football)

VIDEO: Duck on pitch during Bulgarian clash

Lands in one of the penalty areas in added time at the end of the first-half.

CATIOLO em campo nós vemos todo dia, mas UM PATO… Só na Bulgária, mesmo. @impedimento pic.twitter.com/hcy0Kw0VEY

— Non Sense Football (@NSenseFootball) October 22, 2016

See a duck on the pitch in added time at the end of the first-half of a match in Bulgaria between Ludogorets and Lokomotiv GO.

With the hosts one-nil up shortly before the half-time whistle blew, it somewhat falteringly landed following a dive towards their opponents’ penalty area at the Ludogorets Arena.

Lokomotiv GO goalkeeper Nikolay Bankov can be seen in the clip above as he struggles in his attempts to pick the seemingly quite agitated bird up and appears understandably afraid of getting his valuable fingers bitten.

The players trudge off the field at the break and, after a thorough inspection by a few of the club’s ball boys, the duck is presumably dealt with professionally before the match continued.

Some might call it a lucky duck as Ludogorets went on to win 4-0.