Barcelona youth player Shane Kluivert playing football with his dog
(Image: Instagram/Shane Kluivert)

VIDEO: Dog tackles Barcelona youth player Shane Kluivert in garden

Dispossesses Patrick's son with aplomb.



Barcelona youth player Shane Kluivert, youngest son of former striker Patrick, lost possession of the ball in his garden with a great tackle from his dog.

The youngster was practising his dribbling skills on the pooch when he succumbed to a pinpoint interception that sent him crashing to the turf.


In addition to his on-field talents, Kluivert junior is also a keen cook and has released his own book of recipes, which is titled Cooking with Shane.

His father played 257 times for Barcelona between 1998 and 2004, scoring 122 goals, while he also scored 40 in in 79 appearances for the Dutch national team.