Dog makes save in Chilean match
(Image: YouTube/huasix)

VIDEO: Dog makes save in Chilean match

Dog saves almost certain goal in Segunda División de Chile clash.

See a dog save an almost certain goal after managing to get onto the pitch as Trasandino hosted Deportes Melipilla in a Segunda División de Chile clash earlier this month.

The away side were triumphant 0-3 victors, but could have added another to their tally if it wasn’t for a dog pitch invader who ran towards the action and stopped a hopeful-looking shot at the last moment.

However, Trasandino goalkeeper Fabián Cerda is “bothered” by this apparently romantic view and, after he “calmed down, because the dog never saved the goal”, is quoted as saying:

The ball was not even going in, I left it because it was going out, I was sure of that and I never imagined there would be a dog behind me.

See the dog save after it runs on the pitch at the Estadio Regional de Los Andes above and make up your own mind.

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