VIDEO: Dog pitch invasion during Galatasaray v VfR Aalen

A dog pitch invasion during Galatasaray v VfR Aalen friendly match
Dogs on a pitch (Image: YouTube/Alkışlarla Yaşıyorum)

Two delightful, fun-filled Labrador Retriever puppies ran on to the pitch during a friendly between Turkish Galatasaray and German club VfR Aalen on Saturday.

VfR Aalen emerged with a one-nil away victory in their first match of the new year but, with the score still level, were Galatasaray distracted by a dog pitch invasion which interrupted the game shortly after the start of the second-half?

The animals somehow managed to get on to the pitch and then proceeded to bound around, make mischief with a plastic carrier bag they picked up from somewhere and even got a stroke or two from some of the players in the process.

The pups were soon unceremoniously carried off by the stewards though, and play was allowed to continue.

Watch the full dog pitch invasion below:

Spotted on: KCKRS