The dog pitch invader that chased the Goiás left-back during a Brazilian Série B clash might have been related to this one
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VIDEO: Dog pitch invader chases left-back during Brazilian Série B clash

Runs on pitch to join goal celebrations, terrifies Juninho.

Watch a dog pitch invader chase after the Goiás left-back, Juninho, following their goal in a 2-1 Brasileiro Série B defeat at Brasil de Pelotas last week.

Running on to join in with the celebrations following Ednei’s 19th minute equaliser in front of a crowd of just under 3,000 at the 18,000-seater Estádio Bento Freitas on Friday night, it’s unknown whether the circling animal wanted to play or attack.

But the diminutive 26-year-old didn’t want to wait around before finding out and appeared terrified to be chosen as its target, doing his level best to escape the attention of the dog.

Supporters made jokes at the coach’s expense:

Esse cachorro é melhor que o Léo Condé no comando técnico do Goiás. pic.twitter.com/IGt5TkftIy

— Goiás Esporte Clube (@GoiasEC_1943) 3 September 2016

Watch the clip of the dog pitch invader chasing after the Goiás defender above.

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