Dinamo Vranje goalkeeper Uroš Đurić lets in the first goal in a 6-0 defeat at Partizan
(Image: Twitter/Richard Wilson)

VIDEO: Dinamo Vranje goalkeeper accused of match fixing after 6-0 defeat at Partizan

Manager Dragan Antić says he has "brought shame onto the club".


Dinamo Vranje goalkeeper Uroš Đurić made a stunning mistake to let in the first goal of a 6-0 loss at Partizan on Sunday and set the tone for a poor ninety minutes in Belgrade.

A Danilo Pantić free-kick slipped through his legs as the home side went in front midway through the first half of the Serbian SuperLiga clash.

Following the crushing defeat, rumours quickly surfaced that the player had allegedly accepted just €8,000 to throw the match and Đurić was reportedly suspended by the club.

In the post match press conference, Duric’s own manager threatened to “end his career”, said he had fixed the game and stated he had “brought shame onto the club”. Duric was then suspended by Dinamo Vranje and went into hiding for fear of revenge. From his own club.

— Richard Wilson (@timomouse) November 30, 2018

Partizan have come out to claim no part in any match fixing (albeit, the game being rigged probably explains how they could score 6 in a game). Duric has come out to claim his innocence and, wait for it, said he is going to fight for his place at the club.

— Richard Wilson (@timomouse) November 30, 2018

However, the shot-stopper is now fighting to clear his name and has said he wants to regain his place in the team.

Speaking to Žurnal, the Dinamo Vranje goalkeeper denied he had received such a minimal sum:

Let’s be serious, please!

I heard it and I do not believe what it says.

Who would have offered me that money?

I do not know people dealing with these things and I really do not have anything to do with it.

I explicitly deny such stories.

It’s hard for me!

I want to put an end to all of this.

I’m fed up with the media coverage.

I want peace.