Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam wears Boston United tie at Downing Street briefing
(Image: Twitter/tommy shaw)

VIDEO: Deputy chief medical officer wears Boston United tie at Covid-19 briefing in Downing Street

Jonathan Van-Tam a season ticket holder.



Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam MBE wore a Boston United tie to Sunday’s Covid-19 briefing in Downing Street.

Answering a question about the restart of football in this country, he even name-checked the club and declared himself a regular at York Street.

– Boston United tie ✅
– Boston United Season Ticket Holder ✅
– Top science fella ✅
– thinks the rules should apply to everyone ✅

Hero. pic.twitter.com/VBy16ntCJS

— Andy Acheson (@AndyAcheson) May 30, 2020

He said:

I’m a devout Boston United season ticket holder and I’m desperate for football to come back.

Nevertheless, he went on to explain the conditions that had to be met in order for this to happen safely.

David Newton’s Pilgrims play in the National League North.

Van-Tam, who has been in his current role since 2017, is described on his Wikipedia entry as a “British specialist in influenza, including its epidemiology, transmission, vaccinology, antiviral drugs and pandemic preparedness”.

Johnathan Van Tam is the most liked man in Britain currently and is also a Boston United fan, coincidence I think not

— Renny (@renny_overton) May 30, 2020

Jonathan Van Tam in his Boston United tie is what I love about UK politics (He’s from Lincolnshire) pic.twitter.com/56qdLWfTMo

— Dominic Wiffin (@DominicWiffin) May 30, 2020

Good old JVT got his Boston United tie on. pic.twitter.com/K8CY5UcD7z

— David Rose (@Tash1954) May 30, 2020