VIDEO: David Beckham cheats to beat Chinese kids at football

David Beckham cheats to beat Chinese kids at football
Outrageous… Beckham (Image: YouTube/ITN)

Watch as David Beckham cheats in order to beat some Chinese kids at football during a promotional kick-about.

Beckham pitted his skills against the children at the Olympic Stadium in eastern China during a photo-call to promote the Chinese Super League.

When it became evident that his traditional skills weren’t working, the former England captain picks up one of the kids in a brazen attempt to gain the ball.

See the outrageous incident in full below:

ITN News report:

David Beckham was greeted by thousands of screaming fans when he turned up at the Olympic Stadium in eastern China’s Nanjing City on Tuesday. He is in the world’s most populace country to promote football, after the game was rocked by match-fixing allegations. The former England captain spent some time training with children, and got some laughs when he picked a youngster up to steal the ball.

Becks is expected to help bring the Chinese Super League (CSL) to the world.

It is his second trip to China.

He arrived in Beijing on Monday to begin a week-long trip.

His wife, Victoria, is expected to join him over the weekend, when the two will attend a charity event. Report by Louise Hulland.

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