Our hero asks Danny Drinkwater about Leicester water
FOUL-MOUTHED: Drinkwater (Image: YouTube/Rasmus Smith Bech)

VIDEO: Man tries to market Leicester water to other Premier League clubs

Hears "there must be something in the water" as explanation for unlikely title win, goes in search of it.

Enjoy the adventures of Rasmus Smith Bech, a Danish man who went in search of Leicester water in a noble quest to make the Premier League fairer.

Having heard from multiple sources that there “must be something in the water” in Leicester to have made them shock champions, our protagonist shows up at the King Power Stadium with a line of inquiry and a suitcase full of empty bottles.

Although he is denied entry to the dressing room, not to mention sworn at by none other than Danny Drinkwater, Bech eventually gets his hands on some Leicester water after turning to local suppliers Severn Trent.

Watch Bech’s short documentary film to see what happens when he tries to market the water to other Premier League clubs.

'There must be something in the water'. My in-depth hard-hitting documentary about @LCFC https://t.co/Nya076E80y #leicesterwater

— Rasmus Smith Bech (@RasmusSmithBech) May 12, 2016

However, Bech is not the first person to spot this creative business opportunity:

Water. Bottled in Leicester FC dressing room. Yours for just £100 a bottle. #mustbesomethinginthewater pic.twitter.com/NkOt2LlVU2

— Nils Leonard (@nilsleonard) May 8, 2016