Man's shot hits son in goal in the garden in the face
(Image: Twitter/Liam O'Donnell)

VIDEO: Dad spectacularly kicks shot into child’s face in back garden

Acrobatic attempt sends young goalkeeper falling into the net.


A man’s acrobatic shot floored his son, who was in goal, after the poor boy was hit directly in the face.

Many families are enjoying the coronavirus lockdown in the UK and making increased use of their gardens to have a kickabout and this pair were no different.

DJ Khalid is a savage

— Dave (@DavidFinnegan1) April 14, 2020

The stunning attempt on goal, from relatively close range, comes at the young goalkeeper too fast for him to get his hands up.

The force of the strike as it smacks him in the face sends the child falling backwards into the net.

Little man turned into Goofy pic.twitter.com/Gro5WuQgmM

— Robson O'Reardon (@RobsonOReardon) April 14, 2020