Crying Liverpool fan went on to swear at Suárez after 4-0 win over Barcelona in Champions League semi-final second leg
(Image: Twitter/Chris Hope)

VIDEO: Crying Liverpool fan defiantly sticks middle finger up after turnaround against Barcelona

Seemed to swear at Suárez after being told he was on the television coverage.



A Liverpool fan in tears in the stands at Anfield following their 4-0 Champions League semi-final second leg win over Barcelona could be seen putting his middle finger up after being informed he was on camera.

Emotions were running high after Liverpool pulled off the previously unthinkable task of winning the tie against Barcelona on aggregate despite a 3-0 defeat in Spain.


An incredible 4-0 result though, meant they did just that and there were special scenes inside the stadium after the final whistle as fans celebrated with the players.

One supporter could be seen crying into an item of clothing before mustering up the courage to stick his middle finger in the air while appearing to mouth the words “f*** off Suárez!” when his neighbour saw them both on the big screen.

Capturing a really beautiful moment as a liverpool fan, who had just witnessed one of the greatest nights at Anfield ever, fights through his tears so he can tell Barcelona to fuck off. pic.twitter.com/xvCxUwYG5Z

— Ben (@bennynolobes) May 7, 2019