IC Croix's Pierre Derville is sent off during a French Cup penalty shootout at Marignane Gignac for sticking his middle fingers up at the crowd after scoring
(Image: Twitter/Timothé Crépin)

VIDEO: IC Croix player sent off for sticking middle fingers up at crowd after scoring penalty

Reacted to abuse from the home crowd in French Cup match.

Je vous présente le premier joueur de l’histoire à récolter un carton rouge en pleine de séance de tirs au but. Et ce juste après avoir marqué. Génie. #Croix pic.twitter.com/dhYbLoAbOA

— Timothé Crépin (@T_Crepin) January 23, 2019

Iris Club de Croix’s Pierre Derville was sent off for swearing at the home supporters after scoring in a penalty shootout at the end of a French Cup round of 32 clash at Marignane Gignac on Wednesday evening.

Championnat National 2 IC Croix have stunningly progressed to the round of 16 after winning 3-4 on penalties following a 0-0 draw over 90 minutes plus extra time at Marignane, who play in the division above.


— Jeremy Doc (@BackoTheDoc) January 23, 2019

The spot-kicks were marred when Croix defender Pierre Derville stuck his middle finger up on both hands and aimed them at the Stade Antoine de Saint-Exupéry crowd following his successful strike.

31-year-old Derville was reportedly sent off for the gesture, becoming one of the few players to receive a red card during a penalty shootout.