A commentator made pigeon noises for Richarlison's goal celebration dance after scoring in Brazil 1-0 Cameroon
(Image: ANDEDS/Micaela Ayala V)

VIDEO: Brazilian commentator makes pigeon noises for Richarlison’s goal celebration

Jubilation as Everton forward scores the winner in friendly against Cameroon at Stadium MK.



A commentator started making pigeon noises after Richarlison scored the only goal of the game as Brazil beat Cameroon in an international friendly on Tuesday.

The Everton forward replaced an injured Neymar and netted what turned out to be the winner on the stroke of half-time.

The Brazilian marked his header by whipping out his ‘pigeon dance’ celebration which involves flapping his arms about while walking like a bird.

The crowd at Stadium MK lapped it up, as did those providing the commentary for the viewers at home.

Mimicked bird sounds can be heard in the midst of all the yelling while Richarlison parades himself in front of the spectators.

The pigeon dance celebration was originally developed in collaboration with the player he replaced:

It’s something we organised in training.

He’s a fan of that dance and he said if we scored in the game we would do the celebration.

It is my dance.

He is the one copying me!