VIDEO: Clint Dempsey asks Americans about Clint Dempsey

Few recognised the World Cup star.

Clint Dempsey asks Americans about Clint Dempsey
UNRECOGNISABLE: Dempsey (Image: YouTube/ESPN)

Watch captain of the U.S. national team Clint Dempsey walk around New York and ask Americans what they thought of him and his World Cup performance, although few recognised the former Fulham and Spurs star.


The nation’s soccer hero received a variety of uninspiring responses from the public as most tried to bluff their way through the impromptu and perhaps unwanted interviews, but one did insist on a photo with the footballer when the truth was finally revealed.

Despite having his face plastered all over the TV, billboards and other media outlets across the country as the World Cup received unprecedented coverage in America this summer, the unsuspecting lunchers who Dempsey approached did not find his features familiar.

The 31-year-old Seattle Sounders player has recorded over 100 appearances for the United States, scoring 39 goals in total and would have been disappointed to hear that one fan thought the current national team captain was his compatriot Landon Donovan.

The ESPN video has the following blurb:

Inspired by Matt Harvey on Jimmy Fallon, U.S. Soccer captain and Seattle Sounders star Clint Dempsey goes around New York and asks people about… Clint Dempsey.

Watch as Clint Dempsey asks Americans about Clint Dempsey in the clip below: