Kids in Belgium stage a World Cup VAR decision
(Image: Facebook/Streetsoccer Belgium)

VIDEO: Children stage World Cup VAR decision at Belgian soccer school

Neat one-minute summary of Russia 2018.


These kids in Belgium staged a mock VAR penalty decision to commemorate one of the defining features of the World Cup in Russia.

A child in a Lukaku top bears down on goal and is tripped, with another child playing the role of the referee jogging off to consult an imaginary panel.

He returns to the field of play signalling that VAR has awarded a penalty, much to the chagrin of opposition players.

In the end, a child wearing a Pogba jersey tucks away the resulting spot kick and celebrates with a Fortnite dance à la Antoine Griezmann.

All in all, the clip acts as a neat one-minute summary of Russia 2018.