A charging bull invades the pitch at a youth match in Queensland
CHARGE: Bull (Image: YouTube/Ryan Devenish)

VIDEO: Charging bull invades pitch in Australian youth match

Fortunately no one is hurt as youngsters flee burly bovine.

Watch the moment a charging bull invades the pitch during a youth match at Federation Park in Queensland, Australia.

Emerging from a hedge, the burly bovine rampages around the pitch, sending players fleeing in its wake as if from Godzilla – and then promptly exits.

Speaking to the Metro, cameraman Ryan Devenish said it was lucky that no one got hurt:

I was with my family watching my nephew play his game. As I turned I noticed the young bull standing about 15 feet away from us.

In a split second it looked at me and charged about five feet in my direction before stopping, turning around and heading back in to where it came from.

After our game was finished we noticed the bull had come back again. This time it ran down the sideline past our field and then to the bigger field as it was looking for an opening in the fence to get back through to its paddock.

For some reason it then turned around and this is when it decided to run at the players. Thankfully no-one was injured.

However if that player wasn’t as fast as he was, or if the bull had continued to charge at myself and the parents sitting down earlier, the outcome could have been a lot different.

The charging bull has yet to be charged but it would be no surprise to see it slapped with a hefty fine and perhaps even a ban.

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