VIDEO: Cellino cooks pasta for Leeds squad, swears a lot

Even more foul-mouthed than Gordon Ramsay.

Massimo Cellino cooks pasta and poses with psychedelic T-shirts
Cellino likes to pose alongside people’s psychedelic T-shirts (Image: Terry George)

When disgraced former Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino cooks pasta, you can bet your bottom dollar he doesn’t usually do so for 25-30 people give or take.

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The ‘maverick’ Italian therefore shows commendable poise in handling the responsibility of providing Leeds’s pre-match meal, albeit with the apparent assistance of some cooks and amidst a flurry of expletives that make a mockery of his constant insistence that his English ain’t no good.

That’s not an exact quote, by the way.

Anyway, it was to prove to be a real boon of a pasta as it inspired the struggling Yorkshire outfit to a 1-0 win against promotion-chasing Bournemouth, a victory which pulled Neil Redfearn’s side six points clear of 22nd-placed Millwall in the battle for Championship survival.

Cellino may have been disqualified by the Football League from owning Leeds, but is there some kind of loophole whereby he could stay on as club chef?

Clearly whatever was in Cellino’s pasta – and just to make it clear, we are not insinuating that the food was laced with any performance-enhancing drugs – did the trick against Bournemouth.

Some kind of performance-enhancing combination of herbs, perhaps? Or just the right amount of salt when boiling the pasta? Frankly, we can only speculate.

So watch out, rest of the Championship, maybe – because when Cellino cooks pasta, Leeds win.

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