Ceará club mascot makes flying save behind goal at Fortaleza
(Image: YouTube/OOPS TV)

VIDEO: Ceará club mascot makes flying save behind goal

Spectacular effort from Grandpa.

See Brazilian side Ceará’s club mascot spectacularly save a shot that had sailed high and wide of the goal during their Campeonato Cearense first division clash at Fortaleza on Sunday.

The miss from the home side was leapt upon by the old man mascot known as Vovô, or Grandpa, who flew into the air from his position directly behind the goalposts at the Estádio Castelão.

Apparently unhindered by the giant costume, he pulls off an amazing save to the delight of the cheerleaders standing beside him.

The Ceará mascot has a reputation for getting quite involved in the games and was able to liven up the night for the away supporters as the team succumbed to a 1-0 defeat.