A father-daughter Canal+ steward advert ahead of Le Classique, OM vs PSG
(Image: YouTube/Canal+)

VIDEO: A Canal+ steward advert to melt your heart ahead of Le Classique

Lovely, family-orientated story about one of football's most under-appreciated workers.

Watch this lovely, family-orientated Canal+ steward advert from the French television channel in anticipation of Le Classique – Olympique de Marseille vs Paris Saint-Germain on February 7th.

The story, entitled Le Supporter and relayed by the star, is of a steward who supports Marseille and patrols the crowd at home games.

The kind-sounding man displays his collection of treasured team memorabilia to the camera with his young daughter beside him.

He tells of the history between the two sides and his frustration at not being able to watch the games due to his duties requiring him to keep an eye on the spectators at all times.

Perhaps his child can help him out?

Watch the long version of the Canal+ steward advert above to find out.