Cabinteely v Galway produced a bizarre goal thanks to Luke Clucas
(Image: YouTube/Galway United TV)

VIDEO: Cabinteely score quick free-kick after Galway ‘keeper picks ball up twice

Unusual infraction leads to goal.

Cabinteely’s Luke Clucas was the architect of an unusual goal thanks to his knowledge of a rule that goalkeepers may not touch the ball having already released it.

With his side 0-2 down to Galway United in a League of Ireland First Division match, Clucas spots Tadhg Ryan placing the ball on the ground then picking it up again following an accidental collision with Eoin Stokes.

He races over to the scene of the infraction and gets the go-ahead from the referee to take an indirect free-kick, which he squares for Keith Dalton to tap into an empty net.