Brazil international Rafinha's basketball miss
SPOT THE BALL: The basketball (Image: Instagram/Rafael Alcantara "Rafinha")

VIDEO: Brazil international Rafinha’s basketball miss

Young Barcelona star posts humorous slow-motion video on his own Instagram account.

For Threee…👌🏾the important thing is to feel #TB #Olympic #Brasil #🏈 @nba @klaythompson @stephencurry30 @nbb @acbcom

A video posted by Rafael Alcantara "Rafinha" (@rafinhaaa93) on

Watch young Barcelona star Rafinha’s basketball miss in a humorous slow-motion video the player sportingly posted on his own Instagram account.

The 23-year-old Brazil international, who has been capped twice by his country, can be seen in a sports hall of some kind ready to take his shot, while standing a reasonable distance from the basket.

After releasing the ball, the midfielder proudly turns around to face the camera in his national team training gear as we watch the ball sail past its target behind him.

Rafinha’s basketball miss clip was uploaded alongside a poetic, cryptic caption with Olympic overtones in which he seems to reference several sports.