Boy smashes neighbour's greenhouse with shot kicked over the fence
(Image: Twitter/Rob Surtees)

VIDEO: Boy smashes neighbour’s greenhouse with shot kicked over the fence

Loud smash.

Harrison having a good day in the garden yesterday, volume required! #FootballsGreatestMoment #football @ladbible pic.twitter.com/Ztd6SbEbDc

— Rob Surtees (@RobSurtees) April 23, 2020

A boy videoing himself taking shots at goal caught himself on camera as the ball smashed a glass greenhouse in the neighbour’s garden.

Amusing himself while in lockdown, Harrison Surtees was filming as he took pot shots at an empty net in his own backyard.


On such attempt ballooned over the fence behind the goal and the youngster could only hold his hands on his head as it sailed over to next door.

A loud crash can be heard as he panickedly runs off out of camera in the clip shared by his dad.

@LeeDixon2 cheers for last Sunday @RobSurtees @harrison9nufc pic.twitter.com/gIvpVtI9fq

— Grant (@gta395) December 11, 2015