Boxing announcer Michael Buffer is sprayed by a sprinkler while reading the teams out before Chelsea vs Liverpool at Stamford Bridge
(Image: Twitter/Soccer AM)

VIDEO: Boxing announcer soaked by sprinkler while reading teams before Chelsea v Liverpool

Ring legend Michael Buffer drenched at Stamford Bridge.

Boxing announcer Michael Buffer got DRENCHED by the sprinklers at Stamford Bridge yesterday 💦

Carried on like a true professional! 🎤 pic.twitter.com/uMkQWs8qHN

— Soccer AM (@SoccerAM) May 7, 2018

Legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer was soaked by a sprinkler while reading out the teams before Chelsea v Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

Buffer, known for his “let’s get ready to rumble” catchphrase, had been at the O2 the night before for Tony Bellew’s defeat of David Haye.

Adapting his trademark sound bite to “let’s get ready for football”, the 73-year-old pronounces names such as Courtois and Rüdiger with customary relish before feeling the trickle of an oncoming sprinkler.

The trickle becomes something more akin to a soaking as the sprinkler catches him in its path, but like a consummate professional he smiles and continues with his task.

An Olivier Giroud goal gave Chelsea a 1-0 win over Champions League finalists Liverpool, blowing the race for a top four finish wide open.

HERE COMES THE RAIN (uh oh, it’s the sprinkler-HOLY SH*T!) Actually, hardest part was trying to read the smeared ink while knowing a few million are LTAO!

All things considered, I had a great time & saw a close game! #LetsGetReadyForFootball @WilliamHill pic.twitter.com/pPwSkmQDOk

— Michael Buffer (@Michael_Buffer) May 6, 2018