Child hits photographer in groin with football in garden at children's birthday party in Bermuda
(Image: YouTube/Caters Clips)

VIDEO: Bermudan child hits photographer in groin with football

Grinning child wearing sunglasses strikes from point-blank range.

Watch a child hit a photographer in the groin with a ball during a friendly kickabout in the garden for a children’s birthday party in Bermuda.

American Jimmy Penna, from Milford in Connecticut, was reportedly in the British island territory for a photoshoot he’d organised when he and his colleagues were invited to join the game, said to be at their local contact’s child’s birthday, on April 1st.

Penna appears distracted in the clip and is talking to one of the spectators when a grinning child wearing sunglasses and a florescent t-shirt kicks the ball straight at him.

Everyone laughs as the man collapses to the floor.

Afterwards, the photographer is quoted as saying:

At the time it was painful but I found it funny.