Swarm of bees on corner flag at Fortaleza before their match with Internacional
(Image: Twitter/Esporte Interativo)

VIDEO: Bees swarm on corner flag and delay kick-off at Fortaleza

Fire hoses are brought in to ward them off.



There was a swarm of bees on one of the corner flags at Fortaleza that had to be dispersed before a Brazilian top-flight clash with Internacional.

Kick off was delayed at the Castelão on Saturday while a group of firemen attempted to deal with the flying insects from long range.


A huge number were covering the material at the top of the pole, with players and officials nervous to go anywhere near it.

Over a 19-minute period, the firefighters sprayed huge bursts of water over the corner flag.

O jogo entre Fortaleza x Internacional está atrasado por motivos de: ABELHAS. Inacreditável. Algumas coisas só acontecem no futebol brasileiro. pic.twitter.com/qeLJwtpSoH

— Mundo da Bola (@mundodabola) August 17, 2019

The bees eventually left and the match could get started, the bees did not make a reappearance.

Fortaleza lost 0-1 and were reduced to ten men in the last few minutes.

Partida Fortaleza vs. Inter sem poder iniciar por causa de abelhas.
Doido pic.twitter.com/K4E0Gagmu8

— pepe (@Esoj_Adnarah) August 17, 2019