VIDEO: Auxerre fans invade pitch too soon, carry big flags off again

Turn back after realising their mistake and have to carry the flags all the way back again.

Auxerre fans invaded the pitch too soon at the end of their French Cup semi-final win against Guingamp and brought their big flags (seen here)
FUN WITH FLAGS: Auxerre supporters (Image: TaraO)

Watch Auxerre fans invade the pitch too soon, wrongly thinking the match is over, in the dying moments of their tightly contested 1-0 Coupe de France semi-final win over Guingamp on Tuesday night.

Keen to celebrate reaching the final of the knockout competition, many fans carrying a few big flags were eager to get onto the field of play to continue the party as Auxerre managed to hold on to their lead despite being a man down for the last 18 minutes.

The oncoming group were forced to turned back when their mistake became apparent, with some having reached the halfway line.

This resulted in a comical scene as the fans and their enormous flags headed back towards the stand they came from at the same speed with which they came.

Don’t miss the full video below as Auxerre fans invade the pitch too soon at the end of their 1-0 French Cup semi-final victory over current holders Guingamp: