VIDEO: Aston Villa fan challenges Joleon Lescott to a fight

Defender criticised for describing relegation to the Championship as "a weight off the shoulders".

One Aston Villa fan has challenged Joleon Lescott to a fight
CHALLENGED: Lescott (Image: Warwick Gastinger)

In response to the player’s poor form and questionable post-match interview, one Aston Villa fan challenges Joleon Lescott to a fight in these video clips.

The defender provoked an angry response when he described relegation to the Championship as a “weight off the shoulders” following the 1-0 defeat at Man Utd.

Amongst those enraged by Lescott’s comments was former Villa player and lifelong supporter Stan Collymore, who revealed a heated text exchange between the two:

Stan Collymore just tweeted this cheeky DM from Lescott then deleted it @EddieHearn Wembley July 9th? pic.twitter.com/4UQoFOLCI2

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) April 16, 2016

It’s unclear whether or not a fight really was being proposed there, but there’s no ambiguity in the following video clips.

Watch in amusement and faint alarm as this Aston Villa fan challenges Joleon Lescott to a fight:

This Aston Villa fan has an offer for Joleon Lescott… pic.twitter.com/u1dUrkBxEE

— Premier League (@EPLBible) April 18, 2016

Uh-oh someone better warn Joleon Lescott pic.twitter.com/ln0SQacGTg

— KO KINGS (@KOKINGS4) April 18, 2016

This guy doesn’t fancy his chances:

Lescott would shatter this gimps jaw. https://t.co/wNaQNuLf0K

— Chubbed (@AndrewH_1999) April 18, 2016

Perhaps he should stand aside and let Paul McGrath handle it instead:

Lesscott came to villa for money and nothing more, he got what he wanted and laughed it off, you are slime bag son . Ur a disgrace !

— Paul McGrath (@Paulmcgrath5) April 17, 2016