VIDEO: Arsène Wenger’s press conference fury

Arsène Wenger's press conference fury
“Why do you look at me?” (Image: YouTube/football)

Arsène Wenger’s press conference yesterday proved to be a fiery affair as the Arsenal manager hit back at the press following his perceived harsh treatment in the media recently.

The Gunners made a dramatic exit from the FA Cup last weekend after being beaten by Championship club Blackburn 1-0, at home.

This was the first time Wenger’s Arsenal had lost to a team from a lower division in the domestic competition and the Frenchman has come in for much criticism ahead of the clash with Bayern Munich at The Emirates on Tuesday.

This inevitably led to a confrontational press conference ahead of the European game and, sitting beside an uncomfortable-looking Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager was obviously tetchy throughout.

Wenger was not impressed with questions about the Blackburn match and reacted angrily to suggestions that he was about to sign a new contract with the club.

The long-serving boss actually appeared to be quite paranoid about who was spreading these rumours, his anxiety eventually culminating in an awkward exchange with one unfortunate journalist:

Arsène Wenger:

Why do you look at me?


Because it’s your press conference.

Watch all of Wenger’s press conference fury below: