Mesut Özil passed to substitute Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain against Crystal Palace
MISTAKEN: Mesut (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

VIDEO: Arsenal’s Mesut Özil passes to substitute during Crystal Palace defeat

German mistakes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for a team-mate on the pitch.

Ozil making a sublime pass to the sub warming up 🙌🏻 pic.twitter.com/qeDZoD9pWh

— Michael Meade (@Mix2669) April 10, 2017

Watch the moment Arsenal’s Mesut Özil passes to substitute Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain during the Gunners’ 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace.

With 61 minutes on the clock and his side only 1-0 down, Özil collects the ball, turns and spreads a lofted pass out wide to a yellow-shirted figure.

Unfortunately for him and for Arsenal, that yellow-shirted figure turns out to be a yet-to-be-introduced Oxlade-Chamberlain and the ball goes out for a Palace throw-in.

The gaffe is met with a loud cheer by the home supporters, whose night would go on to get even better as Sam Allardyce’s side pulled away from the relegation zone.

Özil is not the only player to have made such a mistake of late – Peterborough’s Michael Bostwick passed to a steward in a match against Northampton.

And Thiago Alcântara passed to an electronic Santa Claus on the advertising hoardings while playing for Bayern Munich against RB Leipzig.

Özil’s pass to a substitute was arguably even outshone on the night by this fifteen seconds of madness from Granit Xhaka:

Arsenal's Granit Xhaka with a textbook 'squander possession cheaply, jog back half-heartedly, fall over inexplicably' #CPFCvAFC pic.twitter.com/uAofJwkCZp

— Jonny Abrams (@LordJonnyAbrams) April 10, 2017