Disappointed Spurs fans watch the Champions League final and are secretly filmed by smirking Arsenal supporters
(Image: Twitter/@54teea)

VIDEO: Smirking Arsenal fans watch Champions League final with disappointed Spurs supporters

Secretly film their gloomy expressions.



Silently smirking Arsenal fans secretly filmed a living room full of Tottenham Hotspur supporters gloomily watching Saturday’s Champions League final.

Standing aside as the Spurs contingent in the room look on despairingly at the television, the Gunners are clearly amused by their rival team’s plight.


Although they are considerate enough not to openly ridicule their hosts, they did furtively record the moment for posterity and share it on the internet.

Arsenal had their own European heartache on Wednesday when they were thrashed 4-1 by Chelsea in the Europa League final.

They also only managed a 5th place finish in the Premier League, meaning they will participate in the continent’s secondary competition again next season.