An animal rights protest at Al Ahly after a reported mass stray cat poisoning at the Egyptian club
(Image: YouTube/Daily News Egypt)

VIDEO: Animal rights protest at Al Ahly after cat poisoning

100 strays reportedly poisoned after "disturbing restaurant clients".

Protests have been held at Egyptian club Al Ahly and more are scheduled following the reported poisoning of a number of stray cats near their premises.

Egypt Independent say:

Animal welfare societies, the Egyptian Federation for Animal Welfare and a number of activists plan to protest next Friday in front of Al-Ahly Club over the club’s alleged poisoning of 100 stray cats.

Mona Khalil, co-founder of the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), has filed an official complaint against Al-Ahly Club’s management, said chairman of the Egyptian Society for Animal Friends Ahmed al-Sherbiny.

Al-Ahly Club member Isis Bahgat has also filed a claim against the club’s management over the incident, al-Sherbiny added.

The complaints called for punishing the club’s management in accordance with Article 357 of the Penal Code which criminalizes killing animals.

The club’s justification for the mass poisoning [that] the cats were supposedly disturbing restaurant clients is unreasonable and is criminalized by Islamic Shariaa law, he added.