Andy Gray and Richard Keys can't remember when Tony Blair was prime minister on The Keys and Gray Show
(Image: Facebook/beIN SPORTS)

VIDEO: Andy Gray and Richard Keys can’t remember when Tony Blair was prime minister

Duo were unable to recall the correct decades.


Andy Gray thinks Tony Blair was Prime Minister in the 1970s; Richard Keys 'corrects' him that it was the 1980s. pic.twitter.com/ig1sK3WpUg

— Ashley Connick (@AshleyConnick) September 15, 2017

Watch as pundit duo Richard Keys and Andy Gray are unable to recall the decades in which Tony Blair was prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Collaborating for the latest instalment of beIN SPORTS’ The Keys & Gray Show on Friday, the pair were discussing some recent titbits of football news.

Coming to an article in the Daily Telegraph which reported that Blair had disclosed his desire to combine Scottish and English football into a joint league during his time in power, the presenters appeared unsure as to exactly when that was.

The idea behind such a move was that it might bring the two countries closer together, but Gray appeared to be of the opinion that the independence question wasn’t such an important issue in the 1970s or ’80s, when he thought the Labour PM was in office.

Gray insists that it was a “long time ago”, while Keys seems more of the opinion that it must have been in the “eighties/nineties”.

Tony Blair was actually prime minster for almost ten years, from 1997 to 2007.

You can see a repeat of the full hour-long broadcast on Facebook.