VIDEO: Andrei Arshavin drunk outside club in London, picks fight

See Andrei Arshavin drunk outside a club in London, pictured here playing for Arsenal
Arshavin… Had been drinking (Image: wonker)

Have you ever seen Andrei Arshavin drunk? The Arsenal midfielder has been caught on camera outside a London club, looking decidedly worse for wear.

The Russian star, who has recently been told that he will leave the Gunners at the end of this season, is seen staggering around in front of the entrance to the nightclub while surrounded by a gaggle of friends and casual clubbers.


Arshavin can be heard hurling Russian swearwords and insults as he apparently tries to regain entry to the venue.

The large security team (in relation to the diminutive Arshavin) ensure the player is not getting in, but Andrei won’t let the matter lie and appears determined to get back inside and confront a fellow reveller who he apparently had a bit of an earlier bust-up with.

Whether Arshavin wants to fight or simply aims to give this person something of a verbal dressing-down, we don’t know.

The bizzare video ends with our hero seemingly holding his friend up against the wall.

Watch Andrei Arshavin drunk (apparently) and picking a fight (apparently) below:

The YouTube video is generously entitled: ‘Arshavin making an Arse of himself’, with the simple description:

A very drunk Russian outside a nightclub on saturday.

Spotted on 101GG