VIDEO: Amherst throw-in hits Colby player in the face, twice

A women's football player takes a throw-in and throws the ball into an opposing player's face
Double Ball Attack (Image: YouTube/TheLion King)

Massachusetts-based Amherst College managed to progress through to the semi-finals of the 2012 NESCAC Women’s Soccer Championship following a one-nil quarter-final home win against Colby.

In an otherwise unremarkable women’s football match, Amherst’s Emily Little embarked on a wild throw-in strategy in the final minute of the game.

She takes a throw-in deep into her opponents half and aims it squarely at the face of an opposing player. The ball bounces off the target’s head and goes out for another throw-in.

But Little is not finished. Watch as she launches the ball into her victim’s face for a second time before the referee awards Colby a free-kick and shows the Amherst number twenty-seven a yellow card.