American Brighton fan sings a song he wrote about searching for a girlfriend there
(Image: Twitter/Andy Bajaña)

VIDEO: American Brighton fan sings song about finding a girlfriend in the town

New Yorker with a guitar hopes for wife who is a fellow supporter.



An American Brighton fan has recorded himself playing the guitar and singing a song about a future wife he hopes to find in the seaside town.

New Yorker Andy Bajaña describes himself as “your favourite American Seagull” but appears to support New York City FC as well.

Searching for a fellow supporter he can marry, he’s keen to “save her from her misery” of any current boyfriend – “and people say supporting Brighton was a mistake”.

I never thought my song would get over 420 views. The past few days have been unreal. I’m sure many of you are wondering how/why I started the @GullsNyc. Make sure you follow @moresussex @TogetherBHA and @hsinyilo where I’ll be answering all of your questions! #BHAFC #NYCGulls pic.twitter.com/OVIU1gloMj

— Andy Bajaña (@theneckofthrogs) December 19, 2018

Bajaña has been pleased with reaction to the track uploaded to his Twitter account.

Although he’s never been to Brighton, he hopes to visit the resort in February.