Alliance Football League referee Kelvin Gunn officiates a makeshift match between his two dogs
(Image: Twitter/karl donaghey)

VIDEO: Alliance Football League referee officiates his dogs playing with a balloon

Appropriately designed rug as makeshift pitch.

@GaryLineker Leicester referee Kelvin Gunn got bored pic.twitter.com/StEX9skVdV

— karl donaghey (@mosshead2012) March 23, 2020

Leicester-based referee Kelvin Gunn officiated a match between his two pet dogs on a rug designed like a football pitch, with a balloon as the ball.

With one pooch dressed in red and one in blue, Gunn – himself donning full ref kit, boots excepted – has the Match of the Day theme playing in the background.

Following a pitch inspection by ref Kelvin Gunn tonight's game against Fleckney has been called On. Kick off is at 7:30

— FriarLane&Epworth FC (@thelanefc) March 10, 2020

Allowing for a little chaos, he drops the balloon for his furry friends to head until one of them scores by knocking it towards the fire place.

At this, he whistles to signal the goal is given, putting the blue dog 1-0 in front.

Gunn usually struts his refereeing stuff in the Alliance Football League, but the game is of course now on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.